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Proeung Kang's plan for Cambodian woodfire kiln.



Cambodian Kiln Project said:

The Cambodian style wood burning kiln produces unique ash glazes and aesthetic effects distinctly different

10:21 PM on June 4, 2012

Billy said:

Now when we have the internet and people can travel the world in an we have to have such narrow minded comments  such as the previous comment on 'Cambodian' kiln and 'unique' glazes A kiln made by a Cambodian yes but there is not a distinct Cambodian kiln...More like ..just another cross draught kiln with a Bourry box

'Distinctly different'....from what???

And generally the work seems so juvenile coming from the students of a 'master' potter

Please sit back in your to Cambodia and see how most of their firing is done with straw on a primitive bonfire If they do have a kiln it will likely be a poorly made crossdraught or a Chinese dragon kiln If you do see a picture of a gas may be one of the 4 in Cambodia brought into the country by foreigners

8:27 AM on December 22, 2014


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