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No More Stress!

Ahhhh,  Stressbuster Week!  That glorious week of varied, much-needed stress-reduction events and activities at MCC, designed to help students and employees clear their minds, have some fun, and get ready for the home stretch of finals!

Sponsored by the Middlesex Activities Crew (MAC) and Wellness (Office of Student Engagement), this year’s Stressbuster Week events included a variety of options on both campuses throughout the week.   Many students enjoyed chair massage, offered on both campuses by professional massage therapists.  Many others also spent 5-10 minutes in one of the 4 therapeutic electric massage chairs.

A balloon artist brought his talent to both campuses, entertaining students with incredible balloon creations.  Over 100 PB&J sandwiches were created at the Make Your Own PB&J stations, sponsored by the MCC Food Pantry.  6 students in the Intro to Guitar class provided a lovely mini-concert on the Lowell campus, serenading students and employees as they boarded the elevators.  The Lowell Student Lounge hosted a ping pong tournament, healthy snacks, and a comfortable space to unwind. 

An abundance of free hot chocolate and popcorn certainly helped with stress reduction, and those participants who attended the free Reiki and YOGA sessions were especially appreciative!  Free coffee and donuts didn’t last long, and helped give an energy boost to those who enjoyed it.  The Bedford Meditation and Reflection Room was transformed to a temporary napping station, and several people enjoyed the free meditation class held there as well. Lots of students shared their written comments on the “Positive Thoughts” board, or completed a hand-written thank you card to someone special in their life.   In Lowell, the Personal Counseling Department handed out information about stress reduction techniques.

Throughout Stressbuster Week, students and employees could be heard saying things like “This is free??!!  This is awesome!  Thanks MCC!  I needed this!  Wow!  This is great!  We should have this every week!  I LOVE this!  Thank you!” 

Well, you are welcome!  Another semester is almost over, and we have all worked hard to make it productive and successful.  From the Office of Student Engagement, we wish you the best of luck with finals, and a safe and happy holiday season.

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Posted: Friday, December 15, 2017 3:08 PM by MCC Blog Admin | 0 Comments
Teddy Bear Triage

If you can't stand the sight of stuffed animal blood, this might not be the blog post for you.

But assuming you're still reading, give it up for one of the most creative approaches to teaching you'll find in a modern day classroom - one that our brilliant nursing faculty pulled off with an army of capable, eager, and talented students from our nursing program - the Mass Casualty Teddy Bear Triage Simulation!

Here's the scene - there was an explosion in one of our teaching classrooms in the Talbot Building on Middle Street, and there were multiple victims. These pics tell the tale of the destructive impact of the explosion.  As you can see, there's bodies everywhere!

Luckily, and thankfully, all of the "victims" in this training exercise were stuffed animals, ranging from teddy bears to Mickey Mouse to minions and beyond!

"This type of teaching opportunity helps us engage our students in a way that presents a theoretical, academic discussion of disaster preparedness, using a hands-on, low impact simulated learning drill," said Professor Susan Lavallee.

Lavallee oversaw the exercise, along with fellow nursing faculty Ann McDonough, Alison Lawrence, Mary Rohnstock, and from Framingham State University, Katie Kurland.

When the students entered the classroom, they found victims scattered throughout the rooms.

Some of the learning outcomes of the exercise included using respiration and mental status checks to assess and treat injured victims, quickly categorizing and treating the injured, ensuring efforts did the most good for the greatest number of victims, communicating effectively to patients, families and the health care team and developing an emergency response plan.

After the event, all of the students gathered to debrief and discuss what they learned during the drill.  Trust us - the exercise might have knocked the stuffing out of some of the victims, but our students were  pros.  They treated the event seriously, and immersed themselves in the learning environment.

Take a peek at the gallery of our awesome students putting their skills to use, and give a big teddy bear hug to the faculty who pulled the event off to help teach our students! 

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Posted: Thursday, December 14, 2017 2:39 PM by MCC Blog Admin | 0 Comments
SUGA in the Spotlight

The holidays bring great memories and experiences for all, and here on the MCC campuses, it's also an opportunity for one of our favorite networking moments of the year, when the inspirational leaders from our Student Union Government Association (SUGA) break bread with our MCC Board of Trustees at the trustees' annual holiday dinner at the historic Nesmith House. 

After the board of trustees conducted the business portion of its agenda, they opened up the floor for SUGA leadership to step up and detail their personal MCC stories.  And SUGA did not disappoint.

Each student talked about their course of study, their future plans, and in many cases, the roads they traveled that brought them to either of MCC's Bedford or Lowell campuses.

For many of the students, MCC provided an opportunity for them to reinvent themselves after a high school experience that for some, didn't provide them with the personal growth opportunities they were looking for.

From business majors, to environmentalists, to actors, to political interests, the students ran the gamut with their future goals.  And judging from the responses they got in the face-to-face conversations over dinner that they had with trustees, their stories resonated and helped remind not just the trustees, but the MCC administrators in attendance, of the good work that gets done at MCC helping students succeed all year 'round.

Nicely done, SUGA!

And while we're at it, a big thank you to the current slate of Trustees who serve our campuses, and thank you for engaging our student leaders and helping propel them forward on their career paths!

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Posted: Friday, December 08, 2017 2:10 PM by MCC Blog Admin | 0 Comments