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Moroccan Roll!

This January, 15 MCC students and 4 faculty advisers spent an extraordinary 10 days in Morocco, exploring the rich culture, art, history, economics, and business practices of this exotic country. Located across from Spain on the Strait of Gibraltar, Morocco is known as the gateway to Africa. Its history has left it with diverse cultural influences from Europe, the Middle East, ancient Rome, and the native Berbers.

The trip followed 6 weeks of classroom preparation from the advisors, including an introduction to the Arabic language. The international fellowship course had been planned by an exploratory trip to Morocco last January that was funded by the US Department of State Partners to the Americas Capacity Building Grant. This year’s trip was funded solely by the college and a small contribution from the students. MCC’s Business Department has had an ongoing partnership with several higher educational institutions in Morocco to promote entrepreneurship.
The students on the trip were: Andrea Merrill, Emily Cranston, Gianni Tambito, Hamid Bouagal, Malayah Montgomery, Nicholas Mozzicato, Nicholas Stewart, Qingyang Gao, Ran Qiao, Randy Nguyen, Sarah Donahue, Shannon Whittemore, Sopaul Choer, Stephanie Valdes, Vicheath Kyle Yonhorn. Fatima Al-Muntafik participated in the classes but was unable to travel due to visa complications.

Advisors for this year’s trip were Salah Dahany (World Languages), James Dottin (Business), Ashli Ree (Fashion), and Rob Kaulfuss (Economics). Last year’s planning trip also included Judy Hogan, Dean of Business and Public Service, Dona Cady, (then) Dean of Global Education, and Stacie Hargis (Entrepreneurship). Special thanks should also go to Kristen McBride-Silva for her administrative support.
In addition to explorations of the medinas (old walled cities), markets, and historical palaces, the major highlights of the trip were:
1) Day-long visit with students at one of our partner ENSETs in Mohammedia.
2) Tour of the world’s largest solar power plant in Ouarzazate.
3) Visit to the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca (largest in the world open to the non-Muslims).
4) Exploration of the Roman ruins in Volubilis.
5) Lunch with the American Consul and regional governor in Casablanca at Rick’s Café (famous recreation from the movie Casablanca).
6) Tour of the new Renault auto plant and port in Tangier.

All in all, a wonderful learning experience for our students!  The whole globe is their classroom! 
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Posted: Thursday, January 25, 2018 2:31 PM by MCC Blog Admin


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