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Teddy Bear Triage

If you can't stand the sight of stuffed animal blood, this might not be the blog post for you.

But assuming you're still reading, give it up for one of the most creative approaches to teaching you'll find in a modern day classroom - one that our brilliant nursing faculty pulled off with an army of capable, eager, and talented students from our nursing program - the Mass Casualty Teddy Bear Triage Simulation!

Here's the scene - there was an explosion in one of our teaching classrooms in the Talbot Building on Middle Street, and there were multiple victims. These pics tell the tale of the destructive impact of the explosion.  As you can see, there's bodies everywhere!

Luckily, and thankfully, all of the "victims" in this training exercise were stuffed animals, ranging from teddy bears to Mickey Mouse to minions and beyond!

"This type of teaching opportunity helps us engage our students in a way that presents a theoretical, academic discussion of disaster preparedness, using a hands-on, low impact simulated learning drill," said Professor Susan Lavallee.

Lavallee oversaw the exercise, along with fellow nursing faculty Ann McDonough, Alison Lawrence, Mary Rohnstock, and from Framingham State University, Katie Kurland.

When the students entered the classroom, they found victims scattered throughout the rooms.

Some of the learning outcomes of the exercise included using respiration and mental status checks to assess and treat injured victims, quickly categorizing and treating the injured, ensuring efforts did the most good for the greatest number of victims, communicating effectively to patients, families and the health care team and developing an emergency response plan.

After the event, all of the students gathered to debrief and discuss what they learned during the drill.  Trust us - the exercise might have knocked the stuffing out of some of the victims, but our students were  pros.  They treated the event seriously, and immersed themselves in the learning environment.

Take a peek at the gallery of our awesome students putting their skills to use, and give a big teddy bear hug to the faculty who pulled the event off to help teach our students! 

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Posted: Thursday, December 14, 2017 2:39 PM by MCC Blog Admin


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