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This month, 20 MCC students and two staff advisors travelled to Washington, D.C., to immerse themselves in the history of our nation's capital, and from the looks of things, the trip was EPIC!
Students were selected after submitting essays and questions about their interest in visiting the District of Columbia.  Pre-trip discussions focused on the three branches of government and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. The students were accompanied by Sheri Denk and Melissa Chandonnet from the ranks of MCC staff.
Each of the students was required to write reflective essays on their trip, so we'd rather let the students talk about the learning experience in their own words, and with their pics!  Take it away students!
"First of all being able to be part of such an amazing experience was heart shattering it broke my heart from so much joy. I would have never even guessed that throughout my semesters at Middlesex Community College I would be able to visit Washington D.C. Even days after returning I couldn’t believe what I had just experienced! I stood in the same spot Martin Luther King Jr. did for his "I Have a Dream" speech. Standing were he once stood in front of thousands of people made me feel empowered and like I could take any problem on the world. He has always been one of my idols and just to feel a sense of what he lived through made me very emotional. The emotion was not expressed in a form of tears it was expressed in a form of somewhat shock; my body froze when I stepped into those engraved footsteps. I can't put into words how I felt at that very moment all I can say is that enlightened it my life. Ever since, I have felt like a brand new person, someone that can tackle any problems in life just like he had a dream I have one as well. The trip to Washington gave me hope and strength to be whoever I want to be and I know that someday I will reach that goal." 
"Even though I knew that it was going to be a great experience, I didn’t expect to learn all the things that now I know about the history of the United States. This trip make me realize how important it is for us as citizens of the United States to know the history. Going to the places like the Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr.  Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial and the Arlington National Cemetery was something that I really appreciated because the memorials are well designed, beautiful and the history is so meaningful. For instance, the quotes of Dr. Martin Luther King, JR.  Memorial   because the quotes are really powerful. When we went inside the Peterson House were  President Lincoln died I got so emotional when I saw the coffin because it reminded me when my grandfather died in Dominican Republic and I couldn’t go to said goodbye to him. It is a special feeling when you go to places like this and you can connect your story with some of the places that are there."
"Of all the different places we went during the trip, how could I pick just one highlight? The biggest highlight for me was visiting the Library of Congress. It is there that I saw the Gutenberg Bible, the pinnacle of typography. In all my different art classes, the one thing that was always mentioned was the Gutenberg Bible. It is important to graphic artists because it was the first book made with movable type, which was revolutionary for its time, and which paved the way for graphic designers and typographers today. I am a graphic arts major, so seeing the Gutenberg Bible, as well as all the impressive paintings, sculptures, pottery, and architecture, was truly amazing!"
"When you learn history you understand why things are like they are now. Through my vision of all this history, I find that the United States of America has lost many people and sacrificed many people to make this country free and democratic and for all to live in it equally. This requires a lot of struggle, great efforts and sacrifices to reach. I see at the moment there are people trying to change democracy in this country by unleashing racial strife and re-inciting it, but in my view no one can do this because this country is built on the great sacrifice and strong pillars and  people who defend democracy to live in dignity and freedom. We must all believe that freedom is the strength and the development of this country." 
"With the image of United States of America based on current events in the country and abroad, I can view this country as strong in terms of technology and political events. However, through this trip to Washington D.C. to visit many memorials, museums and buildings, my view of United States of America is filled with the history of unity and American people striving for many human rights, and how difficult for this country to be formed in the history that they had to go through war inside and outside the country for peace."

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Posted: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 3:59 PM by MCC Blog Admin


Sheri Denk said:

Thanks  to my co-advisor Melissa for her participation and providing most of the photos!

It was heartening for both of us to be part of this experiential community based learning experience.  Thanks to our students who represented MCC so well.      

# June 28, 2017 8:37 AM

Melissa Chandonnet said:

This was such a wonderful trip and experience! The students were so inspiring with their thoughtful reflections each day. I'm so thankful that I was able to be a co-advisor with Sheri and we were able to witness the strong relationships built between the whole group!

# June 28, 2017 11:35 AM

Alison Handy said:

My first trip to DC was as a student. I too remember it being a powerful experience. It's good to see that opportunities like this still exist for students. Kudos to Sheri, Melissa, and any others who were a part of making this trip happen.

# June 29, 2017 10:23 AM
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