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Avengers Assemble for the Win!

Not only were the Avengers a weekend blockbuster on the big screen at the movies, but they took home first prize in Friday night's Spring Trivia Night here at MCC too!

The Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School (LMACS) Avengers assembled to pull together a winning combination, eking out a one-point victory in the final round of the most closely contested trivia battles of our seven outings!  Going into the final round, there were SIX teams tied for first, second and third places!  The Avengers from LMACS ended up winning with a score of 86 out of a possible 100!

This outing boasted the largest team turnout ever!  And as always, the teams were creative, ranging from Disney princesses to an appearance by Mickey Mouse himself, not to mention groups of vampires, mad scientists, and some walking ISLOs, to name a few of the groups.

All proceeds from the event benefit the MCC Foundation, and the school's Advancement team was there to help cheer on the groups.  See you all in the fall, and hopefully there'll be some new movies out there to give some of our zanier groups some new creative table-theme ideas!

Huge props to the student teams from Phi Theta Kappa and the Paul Sullivan Leadership Institute who made a run at the coveted Trivia Cup!

And just because he was so brave and such a good sport, here's one more shot of Chris Brophy, having a great time!  All together now: M-I-C- See you real soon! K-E-Y - Why? Because we like you! M-O-U-S-E!

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Posted: Monday, May 07, 2012 2:07 PM by MCC Blog Admin


Jonathan Crockett said:

Thanks to all the participants who brougth their "A -Game" to this event!  The food, the costumes, the props, the humor, the intelligence, the FUN - all the ingredients for a great night!  If you haven't made it out for an MCC Trivia Night yet, we hope to see you Friday, November 2 for the next trivia go-round!

# May 7, 2012 2:40 PM

Nathalia R. said:

Awww this looks so fun! ^.^

Good looks everyone. :)

# May 7, 2012 3:19 PM

Julie Hay said:

Thank you, Pat, Jonathan & especially Heather! This was the best trivia night yet!! A lot of fun was had, looking forward to the fall.

# May 7, 2012 3:25 PM

Ruth Clark said:

Congrats, Avengers! I can see that a good time was had by all!

# May 17, 2012 11:08 AM
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