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Trivia Goes Global

The MCC Global Trotters returned to the top of the Trivia Night mountain on Friday night, with a dominating victory in the fall Trivia Night competition held on campus!

Even after spending nearly a week without power in their homes, many of the players brought the power to their trivia games, knocking back question after question from the new version of Trivial Pursuit unveiled at Friday night's outing.

Student teams, alumni members, and scores of faculty competitors squared off in the sixth competition.  Don't Change Your Answer, besides being the name of one of the teams, seemed to be a common theme as many of the teams flipped from their first guess to correct their answer, only to be foiled because the first guess was the right one!

All of the proceeds from the event benefit the MCC Foundation.

The diverse team of winners included Don Brady from STEM, Mak Deroly from the Science Department, Richard Frank from Nursing, Pon Nokham from Criminal Justice, Darcy Orellana and Judy Wong from Human Resources, Peter Shea from Academic Affairs, Angela Rios from Academic Counseling, and Kate Sweeney, the Dean of Health and STEM.

With faculty member Jim Grenier and trivia trumpeteer Jonathan Crockett firing off the questions, the pace was brisk, and the categories varied!

This fall's outing also included hula hoop competitions between rounds, courtesy of the You Go Go Girls from Student Affairs!

Thanks as always to the team behind the scenes and the Advancement Department that pulled it all together!

We'll see everyone in the spring for another round of brain-busting questions, fabulous food offerings, and tons and tons of laughs!

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Posted: Monday, November 07, 2011 11:14 AM by MCC Blog Admin


Ruth Clark said:

The Middlesex family truly has a wide range of incredibly skilled members, from trivia experts, dancing darlings, and fashion leaders!  You go Middlesex!

# November 8, 2011 2:10 PM

Wilson Casey said:

As a fun FYI--

I help players become trivia whizzes all over the country/world at my website: http://www.TriviaGuy.com

Thanks, all best,

Wilson Casey

“Trivia” Guinness World Record Holder

Spartanburg, SC  USA

# November 8, 2011 2:40 PM

DebS said:

NOooooooooooooo...I attended my first trivia night last spring, and I had a blast! I was looking so forward to the fall trivia night, but I never got one single email notification about it.  I just thought about the fall Trivia Night tonight, and saw that I just missed it.  I'm so disappointed!  Guess I'll try again in the spring.  What a long time to wait.  ;-(

And, where are my emails!

# November 11, 2011 7:38 PM
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