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Global Trotters for the Win!

This one had it all - Lady Gaga in her meat dress, Marge Simpson, Princess Leia and her cinnamon buns, the bird flu, and Moxie, lots and lots of Moxie.

MCC Fall Trivia Night saw the MCC Global Trotters trot out not only some of their most outlandish costumes to date, but the overall victory, grabbing the coveted Trivia Trophy!

With all of the proceeds going toward the MCC Annual Fund, a great time was had by more than 100 fun-loving revelers in the Lowell cafeteria on Friday night.  The diverse offerings of food at each table were topped only by some of the craziest costumes to date!

In honor of the college's 40th anniversary, this semester's outing featured 10 questions about MCC's history.  No coincidence, perhaps, that the team featuring one of MCC's original faculty members, Ray Shea, took home top honors!  The rest of the winning combo consisted of math faculty Maria Arembal, computer science faculty Margie Bleichman, biology lab tech Makenson Deroly, Alicia D'Oyley from Enrollment Services, Darcy Orellana and Judy Wong from Human Resources, and history faculty Alejandro Raya.

The MCC Global Trotters team, who've a Trivia Night stalwart since its inception, formed to illustrate when you bring people from diverse backgrounds and roles to work together on a project, wonderful creativity is the result.  They've even got an expansion team and are looking at adding a third combo for the spring event!

Giving them a run for the money tonight in the spirit department were the winners of the President's Spirit Award, the Mad Men, who put away more than their share of Moxie and Tab!

Congrats to all of the participants!  Here's some other photos from the festivities: 

Mark your calendars, the Spring Trivia Night is already in the works, and we're looking to draw in even more of our friends and co-workers.  Start setting up those faculty division competitions now! 

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Posted: Monday, November 08, 2010 8:49 AM by MCC Blog Admin


Jonathan Crockett said:

We had lots of new faces this time around - looking forward to even more new teams and new faces for the Spring 2011 Trivia Night!  SO MUCH FUN!!  

# November 8, 2010 10:08 AM

Marie Caruso said:

What a great night it was! There's plenty of space for more teams to join us.

# November 8, 2010 12:39 PM

Dennis Malvers said:

A great night indeed!  Kudos to Jonathan Crockett, Melissa Troche, Patrick Cook, Alice Rouse, Jim Grenier and Phil Sisson for making this event happen. Trivia Nights at MCC are all about fun with colleagues and friends.  We share lots of laughs while helping to support MCC's Annual Fund!

To those who have not yet experienced Trivia Night at MCC, I hope you'll join us in the future!  It's a great night to get office mates together and/or pull a group of friends to gether from outside the college to test your skills in the art of trivia and enjoy some laughter!

# November 8, 2010 4:11 PM
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