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Pokemon Goes to Summer Camp!

Who knew that the city of Lowell and towns of Bedford and Billerica could be such hot spots for collecting Pokemon characters on the new Pokemon Go mobile app?  And who knew Middlesex Community College's two campuses would be such hot spots for finding the characters?


The folks who run our  MCC Summer Camps, that's who!


Hot off the presses and catching the excitement currently raging across the country around the new Pokemon Go app, MCC Community and Corporate Education today announced the creation of two summer camps aimed at corraling the excitement about the activity in a safe and organized fashion!


Camp instructor Jeff Bernoth will be hosting TWO WEEKS of Pokemon camp.  Emphasizing the GO aspect of Pokemon Go, the camp will take students on daily excursions from the college to catch 'em all in downtown Lowell, and the towns of Bedford and Billerica.  Beyond searching for the elusive characters, though, the weeks will also focus on classroom public safety discussions about best practices to safely make the most of the adventure.

Learn about lures, Pokespots, eggs, gyms, and more, all while participating in a safe, team-oriented environment.

"Over the past week, we've seen literally hundreds of people coming to our campuses to chase and capture these Pokemon characters," said Marci Barnes of MCC's Corporate and Communtiy Education program.  "We wanted to organize a structured opportunity for kids to work together on these adventures, but at the same time, to incorporate safety issues not just about the internet but in the manner of which this app is being used.  We feel the safety aspect is critical to the successful enjoyment of the phenomenon."

The first session will be held July 25-28 on MCC's Lowell campus from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and costs $199.

The second week will be hosted at the Bedford campus August 1-4 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and also costs $199.


For more information, visit the camp application website at: 





Now go catch em all! 

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Posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2016 2:42 PM by MCC Blog Admin | 2 Comments
Great Sports!
We've been bragging - quite deservedly so - about many of our scholars this past semester.  Today, some of our athletes take center court, along with the hard-working folks who coach our students and the Student Affairs folks who successfully run the programs all year round!
MCC recognized the hard-working student-athletes and coaches who contribute their time and talent to the MCC sport program during a year end sports awards night.
This annual Sports Recognition Ceremony included personal reflections from 4 dynamic student-athletes, who shared their perspectives about the value of sports in their lives.
These athletes shared season highlights, talked about personal and team growth, and encouraged others to get involved with sports at MCC.  This event also recognized some talented student Captains, which are student-athletes who have stepped into leadership positions to help guide and support their teams.
Paul Ware from the hockey team said of his hockey experience: "To give you a sense of who I am, I would say that this game has helped give me a place where I can let go of everything.  Everything that happens through my day, from working early mornings and going to school and trying to understand what part of it will help my future."  Paul is moving on to UMass Lowell. "I’m graduating from Middlesex and moving on and I’m still learning and blown away by the complexity of everything. It still makes me question myself and where my part is, but I’ve learned through adapting to my surroundings that when I just let my passion take control, I can find a similar comfort to when my skates touch the ice.
Sarah Greeley spoke of her volleyball experience: "MCC sports has definitely helped to create a positive experience for me at school. It created a community and it allowed me an outlet to make friends in an environment where I feel safe, pumped up, and open to new experiences"
Courtney Lemire shared a softball experience: "Through the support of my friends and family, I continue to grow every day and learn new things about myself.  Through the sports program I have made a lot of new friendships and recognize many faces on campus.  Compared to the beginning of the year, now I feel very comfortable on campus and feel more confident." 
Dual enrollment student Hans-Edward Hoene told his inspirational soccer story: "I began to really implement leadership into my life.  For example, I was also becoming a leader in my lab groups. What I feel proud of the most though is what I was doing before my classes.  I began helping out other students in my classes before class.  In fact over time, I felt obligated to.  I would show up early with a dry-erasable marker and start helping students solve problems that they were having in the subject.  This was only possible because the soccer team and this college had given me to confidence and the propensity to think of more than just myself, to think of the bigger picture.  I wasn’t competing with other students; I was working with them as if we were all one team.   And this is something that many colleges cannot offer to their students."
Coaches also enjoyed this opportunity to provide a summary of their season, and to honor many of their student athletes with awards, including Offensive Award, Defensive Award, Coaches Award, and Most Valuable Player.
Coaches consistently commented on the impact that sports team involvement has on the lives of these student athletes, as well as the joy and satisfaction they find in coaching.  The celebration also included encouraging and motivational remarks by MCC President James Mabry, Provost Phil Sisson, and Dean of Students Pam Flaherty.

A special team cheer for the folks from Health and Wellness such as Emily Norton and Jonathan Crockett who lead the charge each year!
This event served as a clear reminder about the often beneficial and sometimes transformative impact that sports can have on the lives of MCC students and their coaches.  Congratulations to all 2015-2016 student athletes, student captains, award winners, and coaches!

To learn more about MCC's sports program, visit the web site at  https://www.middlesex.mass.edu/chw/sportswellns.aspx
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Posted: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 11:12 AM by MCC Blog Admin | 0 Comments
A Global Experience
Southeast Asia and its culture took center stage for an interdisciplinary weekend here at MCC and brought with it inspirational tales of culture, survival and perseverance.  More than 100 MCC students joined with about the same number of community partners for the scheduled events.

A city cultural staple, the Angkor Dance Troupe performed their interactive dances for the participants.

Judy Ledgerwood, the Director of the Institute of Southeast Asia at Northern Illinois University provided a keynote speech, Ongoing Cambodia, Changing Cambodia Studies.

One of the weekend's highlights was a Global Education Speaker Series event with Chum Mey, a survivor of the S-21 Tuol Sleng prison, who spoke about his experiences detailed in his book, Survivor: The Triumph of an Ordinary Man in the Khmer Rouge Genocide.

Said Mey" "I come every day to tell the world the truth about the Tuol Sleng prison....so that none of these crimes are ever repeated anywhere in the world."


The event also featured Fulbright Scholar Jinxian Deng, a Buddhism expert who wrote a book about Lowell author Jack Kerouac and Buddhism.   

Students participating visited the college's kiln site, made small pots, and finished their weekend experience at a moving concert with master musician Song Heng and folk musician Sovann Khonn.

For more information about MCC's Global Education program, visit the website at www.middlesex.mass.edu/globaleducation/ or contact Dean Dona Cady at 781-280-3678.

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Posted: Friday, June 17, 2016 10:43 AM by MCC Blog Admin | 1 Comments