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Rest in Peace, Tom McKay


Tom McKay, who for years supported Middlesex Community College, both as a longtime member of the fund-raising arm of its Foundation, and through his support at the helm of the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, passed away this weekend.

For years, McKay was "the voice behind the curtain," providing the introductions annually at the college's Celebrity Forum fund-raiser. While helping to run the auditorium, McKay was a huge supporter both for the Celebrity Forum to make sure all of the details for the special night went off as planned, but also for the college's annual commencement celebrations.

Unknown to many, McKay was also a longtime member of the Middlesex Community College Foundation, helping support the college's fund-raising efforts year-round.

"Tom was a remarkable man who did so much work behind the scenes," said MCC President Carole Cowan.  "The thing that was special about Tom was that he was never the one who would look to be in the spotlight, but he did a terrific job of making sure everybody else would shine in that spotlight.  Over the years, he rubbed shoulders with many of the greats, but the truth is, he was one of those greats himself."

Jim Henderson, chairman of the MCC Foundation, said McKay's contributions to the college went deep, and he was always there when the college needed his support.

"Tom was a go-to guy who never hesitated to ask what he could to help the college out, no matter the cause," Henderson said.  "He was a Lowell institution that you always knew you could count on.  His loss will be felt greatly by our board."


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Posted: Monday, February 10, 2014 3:27 PM by MCC Blog Admin | 1 Comments
Thanks for the Laughs, Jay Leno!
Tonight Show host and Andover native Jay Leno signed off the air last night, capping an historic 22-year run on late-night TV that etched him an immortal berth as a TV comedy king, and he did it with an emotional farewell and thank you to everyone who helped him along the way.
Leno was the guest of Middlesex Community College at our Celebrity Forum in 2008, filling a sold-out Lowell Memorial Auditorium with more than two hours of non-stop laughs.  Leno's visit provided a bookend experience for the college, as his wife, Mavis, had been an inspirational commencement speaker a few years earlier.  The husband and wife team have generously donated thousands annually to support scholarships for our students.  He capped his final episode telling Mavis, "I'm coming home, honey!"
We thought we'd use the talk-show icon's swan song last night as an opportunity to showcase some of the many local faces he hammed it up with during his 2008 Mill City visit.
To borrow a tagline of another great comedian, Thanks for the Memories, Jay! 
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Posted: Friday, February 07, 2014 11:03 AM by MCC Blog Admin | 5 Comments
Remembering Nelson Mandela

By Moses Kirori

It was the film Sarafina that sparked my interest in Nelson Mandela. Sure I‘d heard my middle school history teacher mention his name several times in class, but my short attention span at the time often found its way out of the classroom way before I could learn anything about him. Sarafina portrays students’ rioting as they protest apartheid rule in South Africa and also features a collection of inspiring songs that called for the release of Nelson Mandela from prison.

I began to take interest in a man that I could not fully understand. Mandela had been imprisoned for 27 years, a time during which his son had died and been buried.  Yet, he walked out of prison head held high and ascended to the reins of power where he would shake the hands of his jailers and dine with those that many deemed his enemy. Mandela’s actions as president provided a sharp contrast to what I knew about my own country’s (Kenya) history.

On December 12th 2013, Kenya will mark fifty years of independence from Britain. History had taught me that my forefathers fought hard to liberate my nation from colonialists and when they were finally successful, the Britons had to go. Life’s circumstances had also conditioned me to believe that if someone inflicts pain on you and somehow the tables turn, you gladly return the favor. But Madiba, as his people fondly referred to him, did neither of the above.

Mandela’s life has inspired me to always seek a peaceful resolution through my own personal struggles. His long stay in prison has provided me with a basis of proof that by taking time and reflecting on my actions, I can make better decision and life choices.

Sure there are some who have criticized Mandela’s way of life and his style of leadership with the current president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe top on that list. Several media reports have actually quoted Mugabe saying that Mandela is a coward who sat in prison doing nothing while he (Mugabe) fought colonialism. Mugabe’s actual quote from the news report is too vulgar to print, but this comes from a man who has ruled his country with an iron fist for over 25 years and refuses to retire from the presidency despite his country’s failing economy.

Mandela taught the world and Africa in particular how to retire gracefully as a political leader. Mugabe should probably borrow a page from Mandela’s book, but I highly doubt the former would be willing to learn anything the latter has to teach. African leaders in general have cultivated a tendency to love and to hold on to power till death do them part. Mandela’s short but sweet stint as president should serve as an example to all African leaders that it shouldn't take forever to fulfill your promises and deliver to your people.

To quote the great words of writer Charles Bukowski, when something bad happens, we raise a glass and drink to forget.  If something good happens, we raise a glass and drink to celebrate.  If nothing happens, we still we raise a glass to make something happen.  So I raise my glass and mourn Nelson Mandela, I raise it again to celebrate his legacy, and one more time I raise it hoping that something will happen in Zimbabwe.

Moses Kirori is the Coordinator of Television Programming in Public Affairs at MCC.  He is a 2011 graduate of the college.

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Posted: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 9:56 AM by MCC Blog Admin | 10 Comments