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April wood fire is a challenge

There were a few unwelcome surprises this firing. 

Near the door the temperature did not get to cone 10. We determined these shelves were too close to the wall.

Not enough heat, glazes have not melted.

Both cups had same glazes but were in different location of the kiln.

Things were even worse behind the first set of shelves -- a shelf collapse!

The big jar and the teapot are are fused together because the teapot rolled onto the jar.

How sad, because the jar has spectacular color. (Yary was later able to cut them apart using a flexible diamond saw. He will refire the jar, but the color will change.)

But fortunately elsewhere in the kiln the firing was successful.

This kiln held mostly student work, and some of Master Yary's work. It was 85% successful. Next time we will light more incense before we start!

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Posted: Sunday, May 11, 2014 10:36 PM by rackm


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